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In The Memetimes

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Aug 25, 2017

I watch, listen and read news for hours everyday, but if I hadn't wandered onto a friend's FB page who knows how long before I found this out? Democrats have a great idea you should know about. (4:35)

Aug 23, 2017

This week Trump reversed a long held policy position by reversing on Afghanistan. What else could he reverse on? 04:15

Aug 22, 2017

Everything Trump does he does in pairs. Monday night we saw his rational reading of a speech void of details but full of old cliches. Tuesday night he'll wipe it all away with a free-for-all in Phoenix.  Length: 4:00.

Aug 21, 2017

Trump claimed there were fine people on both sides in Charlottesville. Only a fraction of Congress has called him out for the comment but America's CEO's foreclosed on his moral bankruptcy.  How do we effectively take him down?

Aug 18, 2017

Internet service provider DreamHost has been served a near unlimited search warrant to provide all personal data from a left-wing website in a fishing expedition challenging your 4th Amendment against unreasonable searches.