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In The Memetimes

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Aug 8, 2018

The Democratic Party is in need of more voters.  Conventional wisdom is to attract voters voters who voted for Republicans or 3rd party or voters who didn't vote at all.  By far the best option is to chase after voters who haven't voted before or in a long time. They are the largest population out there to tap.  

To get them to vote and vote Democratic will require the party to offer them a reason in the form of a vision of what the party stands for.  How do you do that in a party that is so diverse economically, racially and culturally?  It's hard but far from impossible provided we can shed the conventional wisdom that has put us in the mess we now don't enjoy.

This podcast is a the review of Chapter 4 of "The Wilderness" on Crooked media which you are strongly urged to subscribe to and listen to carefully.  I barely scratched the surface.