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In The Memetimes

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Mar 30, 2018

When is a presidential pardon obstruction of justice?  We may soon find out.  The real name of Trump's tax bill is the "Cut, Cut, Cut Medicare Tax Bill".  What is the real reason for ousting Shulkin as VA Secretary? Trump's relationship with Putin is as surreal as his relationship with his daughter.

To receive IMT...

Mar 28, 2018

I started out with 3 things but it would have taken longer than I like, I prefer to keep these podcasts short, like a news story.  My dilemma with Facebook finally came to an end this week.  This article "Be a pioneer - delete Facebook" comes from The Guardian and explains my reasons and more.  The other topic deals...

Mar 26, 2018

The March For Our Lives rally was a huge success in  D.C. and around the country Saturday.  If anything the intensity is growing. Stormy Daniels gives a credible interview on 60 Minutes leaving Trump speechless and Trump can't find any lawyers seeking fame and fortune.

Mar 23, 2018

H.R. McMaster leaves a gaping hole in the National Security Team to be filled by a gaping asshole, Trump's lead criminal attorney dumps him, the GOP House Intelligence Committee lays down a sacrifice for their demi-god, Trump tanks the market with this tariff trade war, the Senate passes the omnibus spending...

Mar 22, 2018

Odds are a government shutdown can be avoided but who knows what chaos will come from the White House at the last minute to blow it all up? Speaking of which, the Austin bombing ordeal is hopefully over. New questions arise if former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's firing over lack of candor was not fueled by his...