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In The Meme Times an ongoing discussion how social and mainstream media impact society, culture, religion/spirituality and ultimately human behavior.
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May 27, 2017

Thanks Richard Ebbs for joining the podcast by way of Liverpool and Toronto. It's so much better to get perspectives beyond America's borders.  The title speaks for itself so I won't delve into it here.

Glad I get this chance to correct something I said rather stupidly on the podcast. I was trying to make he point it's nice having another voice on the podcast versus me and Michele, Toni and Jane.  The diversity I was trying to describe was just having a little more bass in the vocal mix. Everyone knows the women are the brains of this operation.   Whew! #montana #G7 #fascism #personalitydisorders #impeachment #resignation #democrats #specialelections

May 20, 2017

Everyone says the same things, "I can't believe he said/did that", "There's more news in a day than there used to be in a week", "We're all afraid what he's gonna do next", etc.

Following what can only be described as Hell Week, Trump took off for the royal treatment in Saudi Arabia.  The pageantry is sure to re inflate his deflated ego but it's doubtful that it can even last for the remainder of his trip.  The bubble is going to pop eventually.  Let's hope he's nowhere near the nuclear button.

Toni, Michele and Mary carry the discussion while Jane is out on "special assignment".

Thanks for listening. 

May 13, 2017

Second week back and a second new voice on the podcast, Mary Alden-Allard joins Jane Perry, Toni Diego, Michele Happe and Chris for a tossup discussion of the past week's news and a look to the next.

Thanks for listening and give us a like on iTunes if that's where you find us.

May 6, 2017

There's 47 levels of grief and reconciliation you have to go through after an election like 2016, but all good thing must also come to a beginning so here we are.

Happy to add a new voice and perspective this time with Jane from Sacramento.  Should be even more in the coming weeks.

This podcast discusses the abomination passed by the Republican House this past week and what lies in store for the Democratic party.  We also riffed on some lesser stories of the week because too much Trump talk is toxic.

Great to be back!

May 2, 2017

This is the third podcast in a series about the movement behind The Indivisible Guide.  Everything in this podcast can be found at Indivisible .