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Nov 18, 2016

The Democrats now know why they lost and the goal is clear, they have to win back voters and get them to the polls.  They have 3 distinct choices to get there, or they can find some combination of them.

One thing for sure, they need fresh faces in Congressional leaders.  The old guard has got to go.  Just as rural Americans voted for Trump, not so much what he said he was going to do, but just to send a message to America, something different is needed.

We discuss this at length and debate why Tim Ryan should replace Nancy Pelosi.  Perhaps this floor speech from 2006 will convince you, he's the firebrand we need at this crucial time.

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Nov 17, 2016

There are many good opinion pieces being written in the near post-election days about the looming battle among GOP establishment, Conservative hardliners and shameless Trump lackey wannabes.  They're coming from both sides and they all strike a similar tone that doesn't bode well for Trump.

Also in these post-election times, news sources are coming out of the woodwork. Russian hacking is epidemic and it's hard to tell truth from lies.   You'll get some good tips how to recognize it.

To close, Samantha Bee made a call to action regarding Paul Ryan's comment about not being aware of the 400+ hate crime incidents since the President he endorsed but didn't support was elected.  Sam suggests we all print out a story and mail it to the address shown below.

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Fake News, How to Avoid It

An Extremely Helpful List of Fake and Misleading News Sites to Watch Out For

Here's the list

Samantha Bee's Call to Action

A Letter You Can Send Paul Ryan

Nov 4, 2016

We're back after a 3 week hiatus for our collective mental health.  In this last podcast before the election we make our predictions and discuss the constantly changing dynamics of what's now a surreal electoral situation.

We're starting to turn a new corner and get into more cultural/social issues and put politics on the back burner.  Michele, our resident mental health professional, has been interested in the connection between poverty and mental illness.  We talk about how it's handled in other countries who make it a priority. Two of the sources she talks about this week are:

Poverty Can Lead to Mental Illness (NPR)  and

The Original Underclass (The Atlantic)


Finally one last plea to get out an vote if you haven't already.  

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