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In The Meme Times an ongoing discussion how social and mainstream media impact society, culture, religion/spirituality and ultimately human behavior.
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Sep 30, 2016

ToniD fills in for Bill this week as she, Michelle and Chris dissect the debate, ponder Trump's trauma and decide that it's only going to double down in the second debate. For the 3rd party people consider it perfectly sane to vote Green, seriously.  The reasons are many in this article by Paul Street.  Please, stop fretting over der Donald's neofascist nightmare.  Now's not the time, but it is the time to not get distracted from true progressive issues.

I heard this discussion the day after we made the podcast on BBC World Service "Challenging America's Two Party System" and hope everyone gives it a listen.  Great panel including Lawrence Lessig.

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Sep 23, 2016

Bill's off this week so Michele and I tried to fill the void but that just can't be done!  We pondered the causes and consequences of the police killings of black men in Virginia and Oklahoma and then turned our sites on the first Presidential debates on Sept. 26.

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Sep 9, 2016

It's amazing we got this episode in the can.  Several "connectivity" issues in the ether this week climaxing in Bill getting completely cut-off just as he was closing his argument.  We'll finish that thought next week when Michele's off to the coast.  This week we talk the absence of Labor Day, what happens when a game host hosts a political event, what that holds for the 3 Presidential debates and who is worse on war?

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Sep 2, 2016

Finally, a week not totally filled with election drivel, but where to start?  What about the stories suggesting the 2016 election could be hacked?  What about the sweetheart deal Ireland made with Apple?  Now that we know it's OK not to end the podcast on a happy note, what about the capitalists now having total control of the planet?   C'mon and listen up, there still are plenty laughs to be had.   We'd love to hear your comments..

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