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Aug 26, 2016

Innocent until proven guilty is a protection for those tossed into the legal system.  This doesn't apply to political candidates vying for the most important job on the planet.  Money and favors have been the hot topic this week in the news.  What exactly did donors get or not get from giving money to the Clinton foundation is not the real problem.  The real problem is it opens the question "Was there any corruption".  This question should never have come up in the first place.   We discussed it at length.  What do you think?

Another week passed with too much Trump mind numbing brain games.  We didn't discuss this at length, the trauma has taken it's toll on the team.

In the search for solutions to our problems with democracy, we revisited our topic last week of jobs in the "gig" economy.  Yes! magazine has several great pieces on it in the current issue.   Read: As 9-to-5 Jobs Vanish, Look Who’s Reinventing the Working World.

Aug 19, 2016

Until people realize our economic system is based on a lucky few at the expense of everyone else, American families will continue to disintegrate.  We saw it happen when folks moved from Appalachia to what's now the Rust Belt and we see it today after those jobs have left and most new jobs don't pay a living wage.

There is a way out and that's what we discuss this week on IMT.

Aug 12, 2016

Our most controversial and best discussion yet.  Since the 1950's America's families have faced major changes.  We've gone from the single family breadwinner to you can't work enough jobs to pay the bills. Michele, Bill and Chris get into the weeds and decide we've only scratched the surface on this topic.  

We start the show with some media Show 'N Tell on stories that have caught our eye and Bill follows up from last week with what's he's learned about foreign money in U.S. elections.  Michele talks about the DEA's non-action and Chris shares how the GOP's play to the lowest denominator has backfired.

Brace yourselves!


Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

DEA- No Change in Marijuana Classification

How GOP Anti-Intellectualism Gave Rise to Trump

Aug 5, 2016

The time is right to change the American narrative from the one of the last 40 years written in favor of conservatives by corporations and neoliberal Democrats who have been supplying the corporate friendly policies they ask for paid by roundabout donations through the SCOTUS created sewer that is Citizens United. 

We ponder the old, what could be the new and would it make any difference.  Inspiration for the topic came from It’s Time to Cultivate a New Grand Narrative by Harvey J. Kaye.

On keeping with our promise to share information each one on the team offers up a link you might enjoy

Bill: Foreign Influence A series exploring how money from abroad has entered the 2016 presidential election thanks to Citizens United. From the intercept.

Michele: Landlord Nation: Boomers’ New Retirement Plan Is Millennials Paying Rent The foreclosure crisis turned America into a market of renters—and rent collectors. From Bloomberg

Chris: Harvard Republican Club Issues Blistering Non-Endorsement Of Trump, Breaking 128-Year Streak  Some light reading

Aug 2, 2016

Today, August 2, Trump kicked a mom with a crying baby from his rally and then later joked about receiving a Purple Heart handed to him by a supporter. 

This podcast borrows heaving from an article published July 32 on Salon by Chauncey Devega "Who wins? Trump and the GOP’s doctrine of fear vs. Hillary and the Democrats’ hopeful and progressive vision"

It's time to give  up trying to figure out why people support Trump.  It's time to focus on getting him defeated soundly in November but doing all you can do to get all your friends and family to the polls/absentee ballot.   Trying to figure how these people feel about Trump is like trying to explain what love is.  Though, you might come closer if you approached it from the hate angle.

Also, Jim Hightower explains why the Republican Party Platform is worth getting behind.

Thanks for listening. Michele, Bill will be back to set me straight later this week.

Take care