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In The Meme Times an ongoing discussion how social and mainstream media impact society, culture, religion/spirituality and ultimately human behavior.
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Jul 30, 2016

Both conventions failed to mask the faces of discontent on their convention floors. Here's an editorial from uncovering the facade painted by the DNC on a convention scarred from the beginning by yet another email scandal.  We also hear from Jim Hightower on what the unhappy voters on the left are doing, in conjunction with Republicans, Greens and Libertarians, as a result of The People's Summit held this summer in Chicago.

Jul 29, 2016

The drama of both conventions has played out kinda like we expected. Both parties are seeing members leave because they can't support the nominee.  What does this mean for the election? Michele, Bill and Chris go places you won't hear on the M$M.

Jul 25, 2016

Some folks can always get what they want, but how do they do it and why?  How do you set your boundaries?  How do you know if you even have boundaries?   Michele wanted to release some inner tension today because her mom scolded her for not using a wooden spoon to stir the sauce.  She explains the ways controllers get what they want and what you can do to keep from always having to give in. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS OR YOU ARE A BAD, BAD, PERSON! :-)  I kid, I kid!

Jul 23, 2016

Since the Fairness Doctrine was killed, the mainstream media has been turned into a revenue generating machine.  Content is not designed to inform but to make you tune in to get the ratings to be able to charge more for commercials.

All is not lost, new sources are appearing all the time.  They come and go but some have taken root.  Michele, Bill and Chris share their's.  What's in your earbuds?  Let us know.

Jul 22, 2016

Michele and Chris reconnect with former podcast pal, Bill (aka cent, aka Willie). Chris wants to know what's going to happen to Bernie's populist uprising.  What will become of all the changes he's pushed into the Clinton playbook?  What will really happen in the Clinton White House?  What is the future of the Democratic Party and are there any competitors on the horizon?

Jul 15, 2016

Did you think you had your last civics class?  Guess not.  We're not political scientists or history professors but we're ready for a refresher on democracy and how it unites and divides a nation that struggles with individual vs the rights of everyone.

Michele and Chris wrestle with this brain-twister and also cherry pick from today's current events.




Jul 12, 2016

Michele and Chris discuss the connections between the economy, the elections, the media and violence.  How we fix our mindset to memes shutting out any hope for compromise.

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