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In The Memetimes

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Jul 21, 2018

This is a series Cliff-noting Crooked Media's  excellent pod-documentary "The Wilderness" that assesses the state of the Democratic Party starting with a frank discussion of its past, warts and all.  What this IMT series lacks are all the top notch experts and just regular voters who were interviewed in the course of The Wilderness' 15 chapters.

This podcast covers from the 1820's to 1960.  The next pod will pickup  from where we left off and end with today.  This will cover Chapter 1 of The Wilderness.

The aim here is to provide the highlights of The Wilderness series and hopefully lead to some serious discussion IMT podcasts with present and future members of the podcast team.   If you'd like to participate you can use one of the contact links below.  The only requirement is that you have listened, at least, to the IMT podcast but preferably also The Wilderness chapter(s) it covered.

Hope you enjoy this and learn something in the process.

Thanks for listening.

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