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In The Memetimes

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Jul 13, 2018

Hats off this week to Jane, Kevin, Michele, Mary and Linda for sharing their tips for dealing with the endless stream of bullshit oozing from the White House.

These days even the professional pundits, podcasters, and writers are finding it nearly impossible to cope, but all that is changing. It's clear now that all of the distractions coming out of the White House are meant to confuse and divide all Americans, not just between parties but also within.

When folks get burned out they tend to get mean and make bad situations even worse. That's why this podcast is focusing how to replace burnout with constructive hopefulness aimed at specific actions that will appeal to a majority of voters, period.  Not just Democratic voters but all voters because we are all Americans with the same basic wants and needs.

First step is to admit the problem exists and to decide to do something about it.  Second step is to wean, filter, titrate yourself from all the distracting news and focus on things that really matter.

This podcast is going to be focusing on the common ground in the coming weeks and we hope you'll come along for the ride.  Find your hope and lose your fear.


Just a couple extras...

Much if the division we see today is fed to Americans by Russian trolls, this is not conspiracy talk, this is fact

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had an excellent interview recently on the topic of dark money.  It's a must see.


Thanks for listening