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In The Memetimes

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Apr 26, 2018

Before the Democratic Blue Wave can wash away trumpism in America, there must be a national consensus of the definition of liberalism.  Worse than the now ancient divide between Clinton and Sanders hangers-on is the real problem of wealthy liberals who don't want to mingle with the under 6 figure members of the party.  Liberals at the top of economic ladder say they are for a $15 minimum wage, they just don't want those people living on their block.  That's the problem with the liberal model in California.  If California is truly a place of creative thinking, they'll solve this problem.  Until they do, the future remains questionable.

Note: The tapping noise you hear sometimes in these podcasts is not in your device or computer.  It's my dog protesting that I don't give her a speaking part in the podcast.  I'd apologize for her, but she's not in the least bit sorry for the intrusion. ;-)

Next time in Part 3, we look at the promise of liberalism.