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Aug 2, 2016

Today, August 2, Trump kicked a mom with a crying baby from his rally and then later joked about receiving a Purple Heart handed to him by a supporter. 

This podcast borrows heaving from an article published July 32 on Salon by Chauncey Devega "Who wins? Trump and the GOP’s doctrine of fear vs. Hillary and the Democrats’ hopeful and progressive vision"

It's time to give  up trying to figure out why people support Trump.  It's time to focus on getting him defeated soundly in November but doing all you can do to get all your friends and family to the polls/absentee ballot.   Trying to figure how these people feel about Trump is like trying to explain what love is.  Though, you might come closer if you approached it from the hate angle.

Also, Jim Hightower explains why the Republican Party Platform is worth getting behind.

Thanks for listening. Michele, Bill will be back to set me straight later this week.

Take care